AI + Christina Tosi (2023)

Caviar partners with Christina Tosi of Milk Bar, to create a Holiday dessert, with the help of AI. The result is an amazing cookie, available for delivery.

Created with A.I. - Midjourney
Created by Christina Tosi
A.I. outtakes by Adriel Teles Nunes

Paid: Social (IG), in-store collateral
CRM: campaign emails
Product: app banners, flyout

Caviar Creative team
ECD: Mariota Essery
Creative Director: Gary Williams
Copy Lead: Robert Cuff
Design: Julio Sotomayor
Business Leads: William De Ryk, Emery Barnes
Producer: Jeremy Lewis

Director: Stephen Wever
Production: Velem

Virginie Gosselin
Food Stylist: Tyna Hoang